The Insights section in eDesk allows you to consult stats and data so you can have a better understanding of how your team, products, and entire business are performing.

This help file will guide you through the definition of all the reporting data available in the Customer Satisfaction, Products, Sales & Orders, and Feedback & Reviews sections.

Before you start

  • You’ll need to have access to Insights in your permissions. If you don’t have access, you can request it from an Admin user within your business. 
Note: certain sections of the Insights can be downloaded as XLS, when this is possible you will see three dots showing on the top right-hand side.

01 Customer Satisfaction

This section of the Insights will allow you to consult data about your customer's satisfaction. This data will be collected through the survey you can set in eDesk for tickets and chats. To find out more about CSATs, click here.

The first graph will show you the average rating for each day across all users in the eDesk account. The second one will show a full breakdown of this average, i.e how many good and bad CSATs you received during the time frame selected.
Pro Tip: don't hesitate to filter by agent or by channel to get more thorough insights on happy your customers are with the service provided.

Further down the page, you will be able to find more data on your customer satisfaction, including:

  • Agents Ratings: the rating average per agent compared to the total number of ratings.

  • Response Rate: the ratio of surveys completed compared to the number of surveys sent to customers.

  • Ratings and Comments: all the surveys completed by customers. You will be able to see the date, customer name, email, the agent who assisted the customer, the rating, and the comment left.

Pro Tip: don't hesitate to filter to see all positive or all negative surveys. You can also choose to see the ones with comments only.

02 Products

This section will allow you to undercover hidden costs regarding the products you sell and see how they are performing. You will have access to the following information:

  • Top 10 products creating the most tickets: an overview of the top 10 products that are generating the most number of ticket queries in a given time period.

    The Contact Rate displayed will give you an idea of how often a customer inquiry has come through for each of the top products you sell.

    Pro Tip: the higher the contact rate, the more resources and time you're using so this might need to be looked at.   Further down the page, you will also have access to:

  • ​​Best Reviews: an overview of products with the highest feedback rating.

  • Worst Reviews: an overview of products with the lowest feedback rating.

  • Highest Earning: an overview of which product sales have been the most profitable. 

  • Most sold: an overview of products that have sold the most.

Pro Tip: this data is really useful and will help you pinpoint items with a quality issue for example.

03 Sales & Orders

The first section would be the Overview section, giving you detailed insights on sales and orders for each channel you have connected to your eDesk account.
Further down, you will be able to find more data on your sales & orders, including:

  • Orders: this graph will display your total order amount against the total paid order amount.
    Pro Tip: Use the First and Avg buttons on the top of the table to switch between first response times and average response times.

  • Orders Heatmap: this section displays the response times broken down by ticket types. The number shown in each ticket type category represents the average response by ticket type and the progress bar on the right displays the time compared to the other ticket types in the table.

  • Orders per channel: this section shows the breakdown of orders for each channel connected to eDesk. 

04 Feedback & Reviews

Last but not least, the last tab in the General Insights section will give you a big overview of your Feedback & Reviews within eDesk.

Note: eDesk Feedback is available as an Add-On. To find more information, click here. 

The first tab will display the number of orders received and the number of feedback messages sent. On the top right, change the date range to analyze a specific timeframe.
Further down, you will be able to find more data on your feedback and reviews, including:
  • Rules: this will show the total amount of orders, messages sent and message languages used against the Feedback Rule you have in your account. 

  • Feedback on eBay: if you're requesting feedback on eBay, you'll be able to quickly view your positive and negative feedback rating performance.

  • Scheduled next seven days: this will show you the number of messages scheduled to send in the upcoming week for each Feedback Rule you have in your account. 

  • Feedback received: you will be able to view recently received reviews from customers on the marketplaces connected to eDesk.

  • Negative Feedback received: you will be able to view recently received negative feedback from customers on the marketplaces connected to eDesk.

Note: you will only see negative feedback data for Amazon in your eDesk account, as positive feedback data is not available through Amazon's API. 

To find out more about Feedback Rules and messages with eDesk, click here.

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