Magento Version 1

Connecting your Magento store to eDesk is done through an easy-to-use Magento extension
To get started, go to your account avatar, Settings > Channels > + Add Channel
Select Webstore integration > Magento

01 Choose your connection type

This particular guide uses the extension integration

Click here for the API integration guide

02 Download and install the extension on your Magento webstore

The extension will download as a TGZ file

The next step is to configure the eDesk extension inside Magento

03 Upload the extension into your Magento store

Log into your store and go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

Once logged in, upload the TGZ file downloaded in Step 2

04 Configure the extension in your Magento store

Leave Magento connect and return to your store
Go to System > Configuration
On the new menu, go to Sales > eDesk  

Enter the admin email of your eDesk account and press Save 
Your API token is available on the channel wizard page form Step 2 inside eDesk

Return to the channel wizard page inside eDesk and click ‘I have completed these steps’

05 Link your Magento Store 

Unless you have changed your WSDL, you can move to the next step
Select the store you want to connect 

06 Connect your email

The final step is to set up mail forwarding in your email inbox settings to forward the Magento messages to eDesk