Amazon no longer sends notifications to sellers when a customer asks to cancel their order; instead the cancellation request is displayed in the Manage Orders page and in the order reports. But if you prefer to receive notifications for cancellation requests, then eDesk has got you covered! You’ll continue to get notified in eDesk whenever a customer cancels an order through Amazon.

This help file will describe what you’ll see in eDesk when your Amazon customers make a cancellation request.

Before you start

  • You'll need an eDesk account and an Amazon Seller account. To get an eDesk account, see here
  • You'll need to have connected Amazon to your eDesk. For instructions on connecting Amazon, see here.

01 Amazon cancellation requests

In the past, when your Amazon customer requested to cancel their order, Amazon sent a notification to the seller, which showed up in your eDesk Mailbox as a ticket of type Cancellation. In May 2022, Amazon replaced this notification with a banner on the Manage orders page, and cancellation requests are now also included in the order reports, which sellers can see as long as they enable the Buyer-Requested Cancel field.

Even though Amazon have phased out cancellation notifications, you’ll continue to get notifications in eDesk whenever any of your Amazon customers cancel their order.

02 eDesk's notifications for Amazon cancellation requests

When your Amazon customers cancel their order, eDesk displays a new ticket of type Cancellation, just as before. The ticket contains all relevant details and links to your Seller Central account. 

eDesk's new Amazon Cancellation Request ticketThe only change in eDesk is that there is no Reply box in the ticket. This is because Amazon has strict Buyer-Seller Messaging rules for sellers, and since the notification comes from eDesk not Amazon, any replies to the customer could be blocked by Amazon and, in the worst case scenario, your account could be suspended. See here for more information about Amazon’s restrictions on Buyer-Seller messages.

03 What do I need to do?

Not a single thing! If you sell through Amazon and have connected your eDesk to Amazon, you’ll automatically get a notification for the cancellation request in your Mailbox whenever a customer asks to cancel an order. Happy days.

Note: If a customer messages you directly to request cancellation of an Amazon order, you’ll still need to ask them to cancel their order on the Your orders page. Messages about cancellation are critical messages in Amazon and will be delivered to a customer even if they have opted out of non-critical messages. See here for more information on Buyer Opt-out.

Further Reading

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