eBay cases can sometimes be sensitive, therefore we allow users in eDesk to restrict eBay case reponses.

This help file will show you how to restrict agent’s permissions when dealing with eBay cases.

Before you start

  • You'll need an eDesk account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • This help file deals with eBay cases, therefore you would need to have eBay connected to eDesk. To find out more, click here.

01 Enabling the Feature

Before you can restrict access to Agents, you first need to enable the feature on a company level.

To enable this, go to Settings  Company Settings  Mailbox  Restrict eBay case responses.

Restricting eBay case responses checkbox

Once ticked, only limited options relating to refunds will be available for all users except the Admin, for whom all options will remain. 

02 Permitting Access for Users

Once the above option has been enabled and all agents are restricted, you can give individual permission to all case actions. 

Go to Settings → Company Settings → Users → Select the user → Mailbox tab → Enable all eBay case actions. This will give the user full access to eBay case actions. 

Enable eBay Case Actions checkbox in Mailbox

03 Differences between Full access and Restricted access

  • Return Cases

If an agent has full permissions they will have all of the available options to respond to return cases, as shown below:
Options for Return cases

However, if the user has restricted access, they will only have the following options to respond:

Return case options for Restricted

  • Shipping Inquiry Cases

Agents with full access can choose any of the following options to respond:

Shipping enquiry options with Full access

Agents with restricted access, however, will only have the following options for Shipping Inquiry cases:

Shipping enquiry options for Restricted access

  • Cancellations

Agents with full access are able to deal with Cancellations as normal, with the following options available:

Cancellation and refund options with Full access

Agents with restricted access are unable to determine cancellations, as seen below: 

No Cancellation options with restricted access

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