In eDesk, it's really easy to create a dedicated Knowledge Base for each of your shops and countries, especially if you use our handy cloning feature.

This help file will guide you through cloning a Knowledge Base with eDesk.

Before you start

  • The eDesk Knowledge Base is available as an Add-On. To find more information, click here. 
  • You’ll need to have access to Knowledge Base in your Settings. If you don’t have access, you can request it from an Admin user within your business. 

01 The eDesk Knowledge Base Add-on

The eDesk Knowledge Base Add-on enables you to publish a library of help articles to your website, which your customers can use to quickly find answers to their questions. Support Agents can also embed these help files into their replies for tickets in the Mailbox, which will speed up their responses and deliver consistent, high-quality support. To learn more about eDesk's Knowledge Base Add-on, click here.

02 Cloning a Knowledge Base

So you've already set up a Knowledge Base in eDesk for one of your shops and you've seen your customer queries drop, while self-service has rocketed! Now, you want to provide a Knowledge Base for each of your other shops. There's no need to manually set up the layout again and create a new set of help files from scratch; you can simply clone your existing Knowledge Base and then edit the help files.  Here's how.

1. Log into eDesk and select the Knowledge Base icon in the sidebar.
Knowledge Base icon in the eDesk sidebar.

2. You'll see a Libraries page that lists the Knowledge Bases that you've already created. In the row for the Knowledge Base you want to clone, select the More Options (three dots) button to open a menu, and select Clone library.
The Clone Library menu item.

4. You'll see a dialog box that asks you to confirm. 
Select Clone Library.
Clone Library dialog box.
The dialog box closes and the list of Knowledge Bases is redisplayed, showing the newly cloned Knowledge Base at the bottom of the list. It's name will be the name of the Knowledge Base that you cloned plus a timestamp.
List of Knowledge Bases including the new clone.
6. In the row for the new Knowledge Base you've created, select the More Options (three dots) button to open a menu, and select Edit Library Settings.
7. Complete the form to change the name, URL and other settings for the new Knowledge Base:

  • Library title: The title of the Knowledge Base within eDesk.

  • Library address: The name that will appear in the URL.

  • Library Name: The name of the Knowledge Base within eDesk. 

    Note: The URL for your library will be in the following format:{library_name}/{article_name}.

  • Language: The language of the help files. Please note, there is currently no translate tool within the Knowledge Base.

  • Linked channels: Select a channel to allow the library articles to be used when responding to tickets via the $ shortcut.

  • Default click action on snippet: When selecting article in the Reply box, either insert a link to the article or insert the body of the article into your reply.

You can perform further changes via the following options in the More Actions menu: 

  • View offline shows a preview of the unpublished libraries.

  • View categories allows you to create new categories and view the existing list of categories in your library. See here for instructions.

03 Editing existing help files and adding new ones

To edit existing help files:

1. Select the Knowledge Base from the list in the Libraries page. 
2. Select the help file you want to edit. This opens an editor.
3. Make your changes.
4. Select Save Article.

For instructions on creating new help files (and other useful instructions), see here.

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