Once the chat widget has been created inside eDesk and added to your website, customers can contact you via live chat and contact form

For more on creating a chat widget, click here

01 Chat tab

The Chat tab can be found at the top of your eDesk account

Please note, it will only appear for users who have permission to use chat in their User Permissions set by the admin (Settings → Users → select the user → Permissions → Chat)

1.1 Inside the Chat tab

  • Agents
    All users with permission to use chat will be listed here with their current status and recent activity 
  • Unassigned
    New chats that have not yet been joined will appear here 
  • In progress
    All current chats will be listed here 
    Users can click into the chat and view it without interrupting the conversation
    Other users can join a chat that is in progress from here 
  • Recently closed 
    View a list of all chats that have been completed

02 Chat status

Users must be online for the live chat to be active
Depending on the widget setting, the chat icon will appear as a contact form or will not appear 

To go online, select your Avatar and click Online

Once online, the live chat button will appear on your website and will open up the chat window
Users will see their Avatar as a green icon when they are online 

For individual user chat settings, see part 03 here

03 Talking to theCustomer

3.1 Chat on your Website

When a customer clicks the chat icon on your website, they will see the below form
This can be customised in Widget settings 

The customer will enter their details and a notification is received inside eDesk

3.2 Chat in eDesk

Clicking the chat tab shows a list of any unassigned chats

Select the chat to open the conversation

Here you will see any messages that the customer has sent
You will also see if another user has joined the chat to avoid duplication

Click ‘Join chat’ to get started 

3.3 Internal notes

You can leave an internal note on the ticket which can be viewed by other users and will show in the thread of conversation once the chat has been completed and a ticket created 

04 Actions 

  • Show/Hide the client navigation
    This displays the URL of the page the client is viewing inside the ticket 
  • Turn into resolved ticket
    If the chat is completed and no further action is needed, a ticket is automatically created with a Resolved status
  • Turn into to do ticket
    If the chat is completed and further action is required, a ticket will be created and can be found in the To Do section of the mailbox

Once a chat is closed, a transcript is automatically sent to the email address the customer used when starting the chat 

When another agent is assigned inside the chat, they will receive a notification and the ticket will appear in their My Tickets once the chat is completed and turned into a To Do ticket