Set up your website contact form so that messages are received in your Mailbox and you can reply directly to the customer from eDesk

01 Form set up

eDesk will extract the following information from any incoming contact form message:

XS_name: Name *
XS_email: Email *

XS_line_1: Address line 1
XS_line_2: Address line 2
XS_line_3: Address line 2

(30 character limit)

XS_phone_number: Phone number

XS_city: City
XS_county: County
XS_district: District
XS_state: State

(20 character limit)

XS_postcode: Zip code
XS_country: Country
XS_country code: 2 digit ISO 3166-1 alphabetic code

(10 character limit)

* Mandatory fields
These are required in order to respond to the message

02 Tags

Tags allow you to classify or highlight a message within eDesk 

To add a tag to the contact form ticket use the following format:
XS_label_type: Damaged goods

In this example the ‘type’ tag has been created in eDesk already
Once the message is received in eDesk, the Damaged goods tag will be assigned on the ticket

To find out more about Tags, see here

03 Other Information

Any additional message content will make up the body of the message within the ticket

Form emails will only be processed if they come from your website domain