The Shopify integration for eDesk's Feedback allows you to request feedback for the orders you received from your Shopify customers.

This help file will show you how you can easily start automating Shopify feedback requests in your eDesk account.

Before you start

  • eDesk Feedback is available as an Add-On. To find more information, click here.
  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.
  • You'll need a Shopify account. To find out more about this, click here.

01 How does it work?

The Shopify Feedback integration allows you to set up eDesk to automatically request reviews on Shopify when a customer purchases from your business. All you need to do is set up rules that determine when and under what circumstances the feedback request is sent, and you'll write the feedback message that will be sent to your customer. Then eDesk does the rest. Easy!

When your customers respond to the feedback request and write a review, the review is left on the Shopify profile of your business.

02 How do I connect eDesk with Shopify?

Connecting Shopify to your eDesk account is a straightforward process. Simply follow the instructions below:
  1. Select the Feedback button in the main menu.
    Feedback button in the main menu
  2. The Feedback Overview is opened. Click here to learn all about this page.
    Feedback overview
  3. Select Add a Channel, to open the App store.
  4. In the App Store, select the Shopify tile.
    The Shopify tile in the App Store.
  5. The App page for Shopify provides an Overview of how the channel works with eDesk, and an Installed Channels tab will also be shown if you have already connected apps for Shopify. Select Install App to go ahead and connect Shopify to eDesk Feedback.
    Install App button
  6. Select the Shopify tile in Marketplaces in the Get Connected! page.
    Get Connected page.
  7. Select the Authorize Feedback button.
    Authorise button
  8. Login to your Shopify account and select the webstore for which you want to automate your feedback requests. You'll then be informed that you are about to install eDesk - Multichannel helpdesk. Select Install App.
    Click Install App to finish connecting eDesk to Shopify
  9. If you haven't already set up an email address for eDesk to use to send Shopify feedback requests, you can do that now. This will be the From email address that your customers see.
    Select Option 1 to use an autogenerated eDesk email address. 
    Select Option 2 to use an existing email address of your own, and follow the instructions on screen.
    Shopify email
  10. That's all you need to do! You'll get a confirmation message if the connection is successful. Well done!

03 Shopify Feedback Rules

Now that your Shopify account is connected to eDesk, let's look at Feedback rules. 
  1. Select Feedback in the main menu once more.

  2. The Feedback Overview is opened again. Click here for information about this page.
    Feedback Overview page
    3. To find out how to create a new Feedback Rule for Shopify, click here.
    Once you've created a rule and activated it, you'll see a Shopify icon in the Rules Running box.
    Shopify icon in the Rules Running box

  3. Select Rules in the sidebar to display the Rules page. Here's where you'll see your connected channels listed horizontally at the top of the screen. The number in brackets shows the number of feedback rules for the channel.

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