To make it easier for you to differentiate between chat interactions, eDesk Chat notifications come in two sounds: one for new conversations and another for a new message in a conversation you have joined. 

This help file will show you what these notifications sound like, when do they appear, and how to set up notifications from your eDesk settings.

Before you start

  • You’ll need to have a Live Chat widget on your website or webstore. To find out how to do this, click here.
  • An Admin user in your business needs to give Chat permissions to the Support Agents that will be supporting customers through Live Chat. To find out how, click here.

01 Notification sounds

We have implemented new sounds and visual notifications on the Chat icon, there's now a list of options of sounds that can be selected for a new conversation and a new message in an existing conversation.

Each user can select their own sounds, simply go to My Account and select the Chat tab.Click to preview the sound and click Save whenever you're happy

To hear the sound for new conversations, click on the icon below:


To hear the sound for new messages in a conversation you have joined, click on the icon below:

You will also see an updated red dot on the Chat icon on the Primary nav when a new conversation comes into eDesk:


Once you have joined the conversation, you will see a counter on the Chat icon in the primary nav. This denotes how many new messages you have.

Note: there are a number of conditions for the counter notification:

  • You must be the chat owner 
  • Chat is not the active page - you must be viewing Insights or Mailbox for example
  • Count is unanswered messages - each individual message in all of your chats that have not received an answer
  • The max count will be 99

02 Setting up Notifications 

You can also receive a pop up notification for your chat interactions.

To receive both sound and pop-up notifications, you need to make sure your notifications are set up in your eDesk settings and browser settings. 

To set up your notifications in eDesk, go to Settings  → My AccountMailbox tab → scroll down to Desktop Notifications and select the option you want from the dropdown.

For Chat notifications specifically, select either “All incoming messages” or “Only for chat messages”.

You then need to go to your browser settings and ensure both sound and pop-up settings are enabled for 

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