So you’ve mastered the art of price management and now you’re ready to ramp up customer support capabilities? We like your style!

If you started your eDesk trial via Repricer, your eDesk trial account is already connected to your Amazon channel - this means that all your Amazon order information will be visible within eDesk. So, all that you need to do is set up your Mailbox to access your customer queries along with their order information. 

The steps below are required to set up your mailbox, so you'll be able to send and receive messages in eDesk. Your customer messages will continue to be delivered to your Amazon message center also, and it will also update when you send messages from eDesk.

01 Find your eDesk Channel Address

To view your channel settings, select your avatar in the top right-hand corner
Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → select Channel → Mailbox tab → eDesk Email

Copy this email as you will need it in the subsequent steps

02 Update Customer Service details in Amazon (Email Forwarding)

Setting up mail forwarding will allow messages to flow into eDesk.

In a new tab, log in to Amazon Seller Central.
Go to Seller Information 

Go to the marketplace that you’ve connected and click edit beside 'Customer service details'.
Paste the eDesk channel address you copied above into the fields 'Customer Service Email' and 'Customer Service Reply to Email'

Press 'Submit' to update Amazon

03 Add Alternative Address to Amazon (Add eDesk as a sender)

To ensure messages can be sent from your eDesk mailbox, you'll need to add your eDesk address as an approved sender in Amazon.
Navigate to Messaging Permissions

Click '+Add an email address' and add your eDesk channel address
Press 'Save' to update Amazon

04 Notifications 

This step will ensure you get all relevant Amazon notifications in eDesk. It's vital to complete this step for your messaging to work.
Go to Notification options

Update Returns and Claim Notifications
Go to 'Return and Claim Notifications' and click on 'Edit'
Click the 'Add another' under 'Pending Returns' email address, and paste your eDesk channel address
Repeat for 'Claims Notifications' and 'Refund Notifications'.

Update Amazon Messaging Preferences
Go to 'Messaging' and click on 'Edit'
Click 'Add another' under 'Buyer Messages' email address, and paste your new eDesk channel address.
Repeat for 'Confirmation Notifications', 'Delivery Failures', 'Buyer Opt-out'.
Press 'Save' to update Amazon.