eDesk Talk enables you to support customers that prefer to get help via a phonecall. And if you're not available when they ring, you can set up a pre-recorded voicemail greeting inviting them to leave you a message, which is then logged and added to a ticket in your Mailbox.

This helpfile explains how to set up a personal voicemail message for eDesk Talk.

Before you start

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01 eDesk Talk voicemail

eDesk Talk is a cloud-based voice solution that enables you to speak directly to your customers via your own dedicated phone line. All calls are logged via tickets in your eDesk Mailbox, which can include order information, notes, and tags so that you and your team have a full picture of the customer's query and history. Incoming calls are routed to support agents via round robin, and if you're not around to answer, then your customer can leave a voicemail for you, which is then added to the ticket. 

Learn more about eDesk Talk here.

eDesk provides a default voicemail message that your customers will hear if the call goes to voicemail, but you can replace this with your own personal message. Read on to find out how.

02 Recording your own voicemail greeting 

First, you'll need to record your voicemail greeting. Use any tool to do this, but the audio file must adhere to the following requirements:

Supported file types for your voicemail greeting audio file.

The maximum file size allowed is 5mb, which should support a recording of 35/45 seconds. 

02 Uploading your own voicemail greeting to eDesk Talk 

Once you have your audio file ready, you need to upload it to eDesk Talk.

1. Go to App Store > Voice Services > eTalk and select the Configuration tab.
App store configuration page.

2. Click the Voicemail greeting field, and select the file you want to upload.
3. Select Save voicemail greeting.
4. Congratulations, that's done!

Now, when your customers are routed to voicemail, they'll be greeted by your personal message.

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