eDesk’s Customer Snippets let you insert customer or order information into a message with just a couple of clicks.

  Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin or Team Leader login to eDesk to view, edit and create Snippets.

Customer Snippets

Snippets are handy shortcuts that help you speed up and personalize your customer responses. Click here for a short overview of all Snippet types. eDesk provides a list of Customer Snippets that pull customer or order-specific information into your message. We list them here.

 Snippet name




 The full name of the  customer.

 John Doe


 The first name of the customer.



 The last name of the customer.



 The customer’s email address.



 The customer’s username for eDesk.



 The earliest expected delivery date for the order (MM/DD/YYYY).



 The latest expected delivery date for the order (MM/DD/YYYY).



 Dispatch date for the order (MM/DD/YYYY).



 The shipping option.

 Next Day Delivery


 The delivery address.

 14 Green Way, Dublin 2


 Order ID.



 The date the order was placed (MM/DD/YYYY).



 Bar code ID.

 CN 3008PFCA


 The destination country.



 Name of product.

 Universal Air Conditioner A/C Compressor and Component Kit


 An example of the item.

 Universal Air Conditioner KT 2141 A/C Compressor and Component Kit


 An example image of the item.

 Image of the sample_order_item


 Tracking delivery code.



 Product ID.



 Ticket ID.



 This is a datestamp for when this snippet was put into the message.



 Total charge for the order.



 Your first name.



 Your last name.



 Your first and last name.

 Jessica McCarthy


 The channel name.

 Joe's Bikes & Scooters

What’s next?

Click here to find out how you can use snippets in templates to make it even easier to send personalized responses to your customers.