eDesk’s Auto-translation tool allows you to go global and support your customers in over 100 languages.

This help file will explain how to use eDesk's Auto-translation tool to talk to your customers in their own language on the Live Chat.

Before you start

  • The translation of the Live Chat is based on the setting Languages I understand in eDesk. You can find this setting and make changes to it via Settings → My Account → Profile preferences → Languages I understand. This means that auto-translate will be activated for any incoming Live Chat in a language not set in this section of eDesk.

01 How Auto-translate works at the beginning of a Chat?

- Your customer starts a chat as normal. They enter all their details on the Chat window on your website or webstore, then hit Start a conversation.- They're from Spain so they will send their first message in Spanish.
- This message will not be translated unless an agent joined the Chat before the message was sent. This is because we don’t know what agent will join and if they speak the language or not.
- Once an agent has joined, no matter what language the widget is set to or what language the automated messages are in, if a message is received in a language other than Languages I understand, the translation will kick in on the first incoming message after the agent has joined.

02 How Auto-translate works during a Chat?

- You will see a green translate icon in the reply box which you can use to enable/disable translation.

What your agent will see in eDesk:What your customer will see on your webstore/website:Your Spanish customer can then continue the conversation in their native language:And the agent will see it automatically translated in eDesk:- When your agent types the message and presses Send, it will be translated upon sending.- The customer will see the message in their language and the agent will see the message in both the original version and the translated version.

03 How Auto-translate works after of a Chat?

- Once the Chat has ended, the agent will see the messages in their preferred language with the usual translate button to view the customer’s original message.
-Also, in the transcript the customer receives, they will only see the original version. They will not see the agent’s translated messages.

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