Find the ticket you were dealing with by using search and filters

01 Directions to Search

The search bar can be found on the top right-hand corner of the screen

These can be used with Filters

Here you can type in any keywords related to your search such as:

  • Customer details (Name, Email, Phone number)

  • Order details (Product name, SKU, ID, Fulfillment type)

02 Directions to Filters

By clicking on the “Filter” button on the left-hand side of the search bar, you can also determine from a range of filters which tickets you would like to view

03 Filters to use

Available filters you can use

  • Marketplace
    The Marketplace is the platform the message is coming from. Example: Amazon, eBay, eMail…
    • Once selected you will be able to choose:
      By default we select all channels available in this marketplace, however, you can also select these channels individually
  • Ticket Status
    This is the status the ticket is currently in
    A ticket can only be in one status
    This can include: Unresolved, To Do, Waiting, Resolved, Snoozed, Spam
  • Assigned Agents
    Agents correspond to any users you have in the system and selecting your users here would mean they have been assigned or added to the ticket
  • Ticket Type
    Each ticket that comes into the system will automatically generate a type either from the marketplace or by our system
    This can range from “Order Query” to “Contact Form” and many more
  • Tags
    Select a tag that has been attached to a ticket. Example: Language, English
  • Ticket Created at
    This identifies the date range the ticket was made and brought into your eDesk
  • Existing Customer
    If this customer has purchased from your previously
  • You can also filter based on Custom Fields you have created

04 Saving a Filter

  • After choosing your search filter options, there are two options
    • Save to use this filter again or
    • Show Results to view the filter without saving


  • Selecting “Save” requires you to provide a name for this filter
  • Choose whether it should be public which would allow all of your agents/users to view and use this filter
  • Select if you would like this filter to appear in your sidebar navigation.

05 Using a Filter

  • To use a saved filter hover over your filter button
  • Select the filter you wish to view

  • However, if pinned to the sidebar, select Pinned filters
  • Select the filter you wish to view

06 Delete/Unpin a Filter

  • Click on the filter button.
  • In the left-hand column, hover over the filter you wish to adjust
  • Select the trash can delete
  • Select the pin to unpin from the sidebar.