Create a widget to add Live Chat or an Inline form to your website 

For Live chat, the code creates a Live Chat button (when a user is set to active) and a Contact Form (when users are inactive)
The Inline form allows customers to submit a form which creates a ticket in eDesk

This feature is part of the eDesk Pro pack

Pop up form​

Inline form

Each widget contact creates a ticket inside eDesk 

01 Create

Go to Settings → Smart tools → Widgets → + Add Widget
Enter the name - appears inside eDesk only
Select the channel

  • This is the associated channel
  • The ticket created is associated with the selected channel
  • Chat transcripts are sent from the selected channel
  • Inline forms create a ticket for the selected channel

Choose the type
Create Widget

Mark the checkbox to make the widget active
Embed code

02 Chat


Button Style


  • Default button - preset option with no extra set up required
  • Custom HTML - requires HTML knowledge
  • Manually triggered from Javascript - requires Javascript knowledge

Button title (Button Type only)

  • Label on the button visible to customers on the website

Show delay

  • Number of seconds after which the button appears after landing on the page

Position, Offset X, Offset Y (Button and Custom HTML type only)

  • Location of button on the page 

Button background/border/text colour (Button Type only)

  • Select the colour of the buttons

Font style/size (Button Type only)

  • Select the font and size

Pop-up style
Set the position  and colours of the pop-up window


  • Select a tag that will be automatically assigned to the tickets created from the widget

Contact form

  • When there are no agents online, the button becomes a contact form which creates a ticket in eDesk 
  • Set the customer facing labels for the fields in the pop up window 
  • Assign a Custom field that will be visible to the customer to gather additional information


Chat enabled 

  • Add/remove the chat button from the webpage

Hide widget

  • Remove the button when no agents are online (no contact form)

Remove power by text 

  • Remove eDesk label from the pop up window


  • Select the language of the widget 

Set the holder text for the customer facing fields 

Transcript email header and footer

  • When the chat is closed, a ticket is created in eDesk and a transcript is sent to the customer 
  • Set the header and footer of this email 

Chat Rating
When the chat is completed and closed, request feedback from the customer inside the chat pop up

Enable chat rating

  • Turn the option on or off

Set the holder text for the customer facing fields 

03 User Settings for Chat


Users do not have access to chat by default
The admin must give each user individual permission to chat
Go to Settings → Users → select the user → Permissions → Chat → Allow
Chat dashboard permissions can also be given

If a user has access to certain channels (Users → select the user → Mailbox → Enabled channels), there is an option to restrict the incoming chats based on the selected channels
Go to Users → select the user → Mailbox → Enabled channels → Enable channel restriction for chat

Individual Settings
Settings → Profile preferences → Chat 
Max concurrent chats 

  • Number of chats user can take at once

Away time out 

  • Number of minutes after which user is set to away 

Active between

  • Available times for chat 

Activating Chat 
Users must go online for chat to be available 
Select your avatar → Online/Offline

03 Inline form


Enter the customer facing labels and holding messages for the fields 

Tag group

  • Select a Tag group to display on the form
  • Customers can select the most relevant tag to their query
  • The tag will be automatically assigned when the ticket is created 


  • Select a tag to be automatically assigned when the ticket is created 
  • When a customer fills in the form, a ticket will come into To Do on eDesk