Twitter is a popular way for customers to contact brands with pre and post-sales queries. We understand the importance of delivering an easy way to integrate with Twitter so you can begin the conversation and convert those messages into sales. 

Connecting your Twitter Page will allow all your tweets and direct messages to flow into eDesk.

All messages will continue to be delivered to your Twitter page and it will also update when you send messages from eDesk.

Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.
  • You'll need a Twitter page. You can find out how to create one here.

01 How do I connect Twitter in eDesk?

  1. Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels.
  2. Click + Add Channel and select Twitter in the Social Media section.
twitter edesk
  • You will be prompted to Authorize eDesk please proceed.
  • You then need to choose which Twitter account you want to connect.

02 Where do I see data from Twitter in eDesk?

Now that you successfully connected your Twitter page, we will import data directly into your eDesk account.

You will be able to see all your tweets and direct messages on the Mailbox screen:

Further Readings

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