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Learn the eDesk Basics!

The eDesk Onboarding Guide

Customer support in one place, not all over the place! Get started with eDesk now!

What is a ticket in eDesk?

Understanding tickets and how they work in eDesk is key to delivering a fantastic, personal experience for your customers. Let's find out more! This…

I've been added to an eDesk account. What do I do next?

Your business has chosen eDesk for their eCommerce Helpdesk, and an Admin user within your business has sent you an email that invites you…

Demo Video: How to get started

eDesk is the only customer support help desk built exclusively for eCommerce.   

Demo Video: Never heard of eDesk? Start here!

In this video, we will demonstrate how online sellers use eDesk and its wide range of powerful features.  

Responding to your customer

There are a number of ways to respond to messages in eDesk. You can decide to send manual responses, AI responses, pre-written templates, and…

Connecting a channel with eDesk

eDesk brings all your customer queries into one place, with related order details and conversation history.  We understand the importance…

eDesk Mailbox Tour

Welcome to eDesk, the future of eCommerce Customer Support!  

The 5 step guide to setting up your eDesk Mailbox

Instead of having customer communication all over the place - customer messages scattered across separate inboxes and message centers, without…

Assigning tickets in eDesk

You may want to assign tickets to your teammates if they’re better suited to solving the issue or if you’re overwhelmed.  This help file…

Managing ticket statuses

Tickets have different statuses through their journey from new to resolved, each helping you to keep your mailbox organized. There are multiple…

Adding internal notes and mentioning teammates

You may want to mention your teammates in certain tickets and also add internal notes for reference or help people out.   This help file…

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