Respond to messages with one click directly from the Mailbox screen using suggested responses

Please note, this option is available on eDesk Unlimited and Unlimited +

01 How it works

The magic button will show on tickets which fall into a category for which a quick reply template has been assigned 

Click here for more information on assiging an AI category to a template

02 Enable

The option is active for the account admin only by default

The feature can be enabled separately for each user
Go to Settings → Users → select the user → Mailbox tab → Enable quick response

Once enabled, the column will be set as the first column in the table layout 

03 Answer

When a ticket falls into the category mentioned above, a magic button will show on the ticket

Hover over the magic button to see the customer’s message and the suggested response

Click the send icon

The response will show as normal inside the ticket

04 Additional information

Click on the magic button icon to show all tickets with available quick responses
Cancel the filter by clicking the icon again

Click the send button again to cancel the outgoing message after clicking send

Please note, if there is a sending delay set in the Account settings, this does not come into play when using the magic button

If the suggested response is not relevant, dismiss the magic button from the ticket by clicking the cancel icon in the top right hand corner of the pop up