• A new feature in eDesk is the invoicing module. 

  • To get started, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Smart tools’ and ‘Invoice templates’ 

  • To create a template, click the ‘add template’ button and select the channel you want to create a template for.  

  • Simply follow the wizard to add you company details and click finish. Your invoice template is now created. 

  • To edit a template, select the template to view invoice settings, template details and VAT details. 

  • You can also edit, view and delete templates from the invoice template screen. Clicking ‘view’ opens up a sample of the template you have created. 

  • Using your invoice template: 

    • To send an invoice from inside a ticket click the ‘attach invoice’ icon. 

    • If using AI, the invoice request response will have the invoice automatically attached. You can also include an invoice when manually creating a template. 

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