Welcome to eDesk, the future of eCommerce customer support. This is a quick guide to aid our Helpdesk customers discover some of the great features in eDesk. 

If you look to the top nav, you will see that we are in the Mailbox section. 

  • This is where you will find all your messages from your customers. 

Looking first at the left navigational bar, you can see the My Tickets tab. 

  • These are tickets that are assigned specifically to you. 

The @ Mentioned tab contains messages that your colleagues have tagged you in, in order to get some assistance. 

Next is the Pre-Sales tab. 

  • Pre-Sales is a really high value new feature in eDesk. 

  • Pre-Sales queries are messages from customers who are yet to buy but are showing buying intent. 

The next section categorizes your tickets by their current status, so for example if they are New Tickets or need action. 

Pinned filters are custom filters that you have created yourself. 

  • For example, you could pin all tickets for a particular marketplace or for a SKU. 

Use the splitview button to change the layout of your Mailbox. 

Another great feature in eDesk is Bulk Actions

  • To make this option appear, you will need to first select the tickets from the bulk action and then choose what you would like to do. 

  • There are a multitude of options to choose from here, including Merging tickets, Snoozing tickets and Archiving tickets.

One of the ways eDesk makes it easier to respond to your customers is through creating and suggesting responses to messages. 

This can be harnessed first of all through the Magic wand

  • The Magic wand is a feature that identifies customer messages which eDesk AI can resolve. 

  • When eDesk is confident that it has an accurate response, you will see the Magic wand icon appear in your Mailbox. 

  • Simply hover over it to reveal the suggestion from eDesk, click on it, and your ticket is resolved. 

If eDesk AI is torn between multiple potentially correct answers, it places them at the bottom  of the ticket for you to consider them and select the one that is most fitting so I can review these potential answers and for example select this one because I think it’s the best for this situation.

Taking a step back if we look at the top nav, you can see the email subject and the Tags that have been assigned to the ticket. 

  • The pencil icon opens the reply box where you can select between a Note, a Reply and an External message

  • The alarm clock icon allows you to snooze the ticket.

Now let's look inside the reply box. 

  • Here you can find all the formatting options that you'd expect but also the ability to attach invoices to message.

So that's the mailbox and message view, next let's take a look at the Dashboard

eDesk offers a wide variety of business insights to help you improve both support and sales performance. 

Looking first at the left navigational bar you can see the various dashboard categories available to you. 

Currently we're looking at the Orders graph, which displays your total sales over a chosen period.

  • The green line is the paid orders while the blue bars represent your sales value

Next the Orders heatmap helps you to identify trends in your orders and allocate resources. 

  • Red is the busiest period while light blue is the least busy.

The Channels category see your sales broken down by channel. 

  • This feature is currently available for eBay, Amazon and Walmart. 

  • Taking a look at the Amazon tab, we can see our sales for that channel and the Buy box status, connect with repricer.com for free to get further Amazon insights. 

  • You'll also be able to see which products are causing the most tickets and returns.

If we navigate to Mailbox, we'll see the Tickets dashboard, which tells us how many messages we have received during the period. 

  • Messages received are in dark blue and how many you've sent in light blue. 

If you're interested in stats on your team's performance, you can find many helpful insights in the Response Times, Team and Assigned Tickets section.

Finally, if you're using integrated Feedback or Chat, you'll be able to see valuable insights for these features in the dashboard too. 

I hope that you've found this video useful in helping you to get started with upgrading to eDesk. 

We know that even changes for the better can take some getting used to, so if you have any questions you can email support@edesk.com.