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Smart Tools

  • Mailbox houses your tickets
  • Messages in Helpdesk


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My Tickets

  • Tickets can now be assigned an Owner
  • Each ticket can have only one Owner
  • The owner of the ticket is responsible for gathering the necessary information from other agents by mentioning them and then responding to the ticket
  • Users can be assigned as Owners manually using the drop downs inside the ticket or automatically using rules 


  • Each ticket can have an unlimited number of Mentioned users 
  • This is similar to assigning a user to a ticket in Helpdesk 
  • The idea is that there is an Owner assigned who is responsible for replying to the customer 
  • If assistance is required from another user, they can be mentioned on the ticket 
  • Users can be Mentioned on a ticket manually using the drop downs inside the ticket, automatically using rules or by typing @ and the users name when leaving a note


  • Pre Sales houses new tickets where the customer has not placed an order 
  • The ticket will show the product and product details along with the message 
  • Respond quickly to make the sale!


  • eDesk statuses match those in Helpdesk for the most part
  • New Tickets
    • New tickets that have been created but not yet responded to
    • They have never require a response from you 
    • They will also appear in To Do
  • To Do 
    • Needs Action on Helpdesk
    • Tickets that require a response from you
    • They have been responded to in the past
  • Waiting
    • Tickets that are open and waiting for a reply from the customer (or for an input from you)
    • These will not show in To Do
  • Snoozed
    • Later in Helpdesk
    • Tickets that have been temporarily removed  from New/To Do to reopen at a specified time 
    • When the specified time is reached, the ticket will appear in New/To Do
  • Resolved
    • Tickets that have been closed
    • These will reopen if the customer sends another email 
  • Recently Updated 
    • Tickets that have been updated recently (any change - email, note, status change etc.)

Pinned Filters

  • Create and pin filters to the left hand nav to access tickets based on certain criteria
    • Use conditions such as Marketplaces, Channels, Status, Users Tags, Created at dates etc.

Ticket List

Bulk Actions

  • Snooze 
    • Snooze tickets in bulk instead of clicking into each ticket separately 
  • Merge tickets
    • Keep the Mailbox neat and replies in order by merging tickets and responding on only one ticket 
    • If a previously merge tickets receives a new message, the main ticket will reopen
    • Tickets cannot be un-merged
  • Archive and Delete  
    • Archive  a ticket to remove it from the Mailbox
    • It can always be unarchived 
    • Once a ticket has been archived, it can be permanently deleted from the inbox

Magic Wand

  • The magic wand uses AI to suggest a response, allowing you to respond with one click directly from the Mailbox without clicking into the ticket
  • To customize magic wand responses, create an AI template  

Inside the Ticket

Top Nav

  • View the email subject and the tags that have been assigned to the ticket 
  • The green ‘Read’ tag means the ticket has been opened and viewed 
  • The pencil icon opens the reply box
  • The alarm clock icon allows you to snooze the ticket
  • The tag icon displays how many tags are assigned to the ticket
  • The User icon allows you to assign or remove an owner
  • The @ symbol allows you to mention a user 

Reply Box

Replying to a Ticket

  • Clicking the pencil icon at the top of the page or the reply button below the messages inside the ticket opens the Reply box
  • Select a Reply, Note or External message using the tabs
  • Customize messages using the formatting options which includes emojis
  • Attach invoices to your messages which will be sent as an attachment 
  • Select a Template
  • When typing the message body, # will display a list of Snippets and _ will display a list of Templates
  • Add an attachment
  • CC email addresses


  • AI suggests responses to incoming tickets
  • These can be customised templates or will default to templates created by eDesk

Magic Wand

  • The magic wand uses AI to suggest a response, allowing you to respond with one click directly from the Mailbox without clicking into the ticket
  • To customise magic wand responses, create an AI template

Inside the Ticket

  • You will see suggested responses inside tickets
  • These will be applied to tickets that meet the conditions of the preset categories with a high enough confidence level
  • You can customise the AI responses by creating AI templates and you can find some options in the Settings 

​Creating Templates

  • When creating a regular template, each type will have an AI Settings tab 
  • Select an AI category and when the category conditions are met, the AI response will be suggested on the ticket
  • Assign the template as the Quick Reply template on the same tab to use the template as a Magic Wand reply

Right Hand Nav

Product Blade

  • Clicking the product link on the RHS of the ticket opens the product blade
  • An image of the product and all product details is displayed with a link to view the item on the marketplace


Channel Dashboard

  • The channel dashboard is a specific dashboard for eBay, Amazon and Walmart
  • It contains information specific to each marketplace

Ticket Dashboard

  • One and Done shows a percentage of tickets that were resolved in one answer 
  • The ticket must have one incoming and one outgoing message and not reopen within the set period in order to qualify 
  • You can set the time frame in Settings → Company Settings → Company → Mailbox

​Avatar Menu


  • Product updates, System messages and Important information will be communicated inside the product
  • Access the Notifications centre via the Avatar menu 
  • The red icon will highlight any new notifications


  • Settings can be found in the Avatar menu


  • One and Done
    • One and Done is a reporting metric to report on the percentage of tickets that are resolved in one message i.e. an incoming message and an outgoing message
    • One and Done settings can be found in Company Settings → Mailbox
    • A ticket will be marked as One and Done if it does not reopen within the specified number of hours

Smart Tools 



  • Turn AI on or off 
  • Choose the settings
    • ‘One click select & send’ sends the message instantly once clicked inside the ticket or allows you to edit it in the Reply box first when disabled
    • ‘Suggested response enabled for’ allows you to choose if suggested responses show for the first incoming message or all incoming messages


  • Create and edit tags to organize your Mailbox
    • They can be applied manually inside the ticket, automatically using Rules or at a Channel level inside Channel settings



  • Instagram, and Shopware are now available to connect on eDesk
  • We are updating our channel offerings regularly also!


  • Manage your payments in Company Settings
  • View invoices in Receipts
  • Manage your plan in Subscription

Adding Users

  • Add users by increasing the number in the ‘Choose your team’ field 
  • You will be charged the price of the user for the remainder of your billing cycle
  • You will be charged the full amount for that user (plus any existing users) on the next regular payment date
  • Clicking ‘Pay Now’ will charge the card associated with the account
  • Once the license has been purchased, got to the User setting and enable the Mailbox for that user (Company Settings → Users → select the user → Mailbox tab → Enable → Save)

Removing Users

  • Decrease the number of users in the ‘Choose your team’ field
  • You MUST click ‘Pay Now’  to remove the user
  • On the next payment date, you will be charged for one less user and the inactive seat will be removed
  • No refund or credit will be given for the removed seat 

Add Ons

  • Pro pack
    • Translations
      • Translate incoming and outgoing messages
    • Widgets
      • Add a contact button to your website 
      • Live Chat 
      • “Contact us” page
      • “Contact us” pop up form
    • Enterprise Reporting 
    • API Integration
      • This allows you to connect other applications to eDesk via the API
      • See here for the API documentation

Other Products


  • Feedback can be found in the top nav of eDesk 
  • To start a trial of Feedback, click the Feedback tab and the “Start a trial” button


  • Repricer can be accessed through the Avatar dropdown
  • Start a trial of the Repricer using the same dropdown or via the Billing page

To see an overview video of eDesk, click here