Discover the brand-new Feedback Overview screen, learn new tricks on the eDesk Home page and check out the many new improvements we made!

In our most recent eDesk update, we released a brand-new Overview screen for eDesk Feedback users! We also added a Home page for agents with lots of resources and content to consult. Last but not least, we released a number of UI improvements, making it easier than ever to use eDesk!

1. Feedback Overview

Brand-new this month! In October, we revamped the eDesk Feedback landing page and added the powerful Feedback Overview.

This page will display current, relevant and actionable information at a glance, allowing you to make the most of your eDesk Feedback subscription.

Here’s a sneak peek of the brand-new Aircall integration available in your eDesk account:

Features of the Feedback Overview in eDesk

  • Get access to all your scheduled messages and negative reviews at one glance.

  • eDesk Feedback will also display the number of Rules Running, Requests sent and No Rules Matched orders.

  • You’ll also get direct access to the Top 5 rules with the most requests sent as well as the number of messages sent so far this month!

To learn more about the Feedback Overview in eDesk, click here.

2. eDesk Home

eDesk Home is a new page within your eDesk account that helps you keep track of your mailbox and learn new tricks with eDesk. You can access it by pressing the home symbol on the left-hand side of your mailbox.

On this page, you’ll find many educational resources, news to stay up-to-date with the eCommerce industry and some offers!

Note: there are two different Home pages available in eDesk, one for admin users specifically and one for agents.

Take a look at the brand-new eDesk Home page available in your eDesk account:

Features of the Home page in eDesk

  • Check at one glance if there are urgent messages you need to reply to and how healthy your mailbox is.

  • Take a break and browse through the latest eCommerce news, eDesk case studies and customer service tips and tricks in your content feed.

  • Stay up-to-date with what’s new in eDesk, what’s coming soon and our latest offers available!


To learn more about the Home page in eDesk, click here.

3. New UI improvements

  • eBay Returns
eBay is the #1 marketplace used with eDesk! And because we understand how popular it is, we decided to improve the returns process.

We're exploring how best to enable you to see the status of, and/or create, a return within eDesk:
And also how we currently present the embedded eBay workflow/options within your account:

To learn more about eBay returns in eDesk, click here.

  • Change a user chat status

Until now, it wasn’t possible for another user to change anyone’s chat status, if they forgot to go offline at the end of the working day for example.

Because we understand this can create issues, we decided to include a brand-new permission within the Chat.

Any user with the Change user chat status permission enabled will be able to manually change it for them:

To find out more about permissions in eDesk, click here.

Got an idea?

As always, I’m very proud to showcase our team’s amazing work in this monthly product update! At eDesk, we work very hard to continuously release improvements and powerful features to help you deliver 5-star customer service! 

We really hope you’ll enjoy all the new features! If you have suggestions for future releases, send them here. Any feedback or questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!