Discover our brand-new speedy onboarding and the simplified eBay workflows!


In our first eDesk update of the year, we implemented a brand-new speedy onboarding to help eDesk users get started as fast as possible, we also released new eBay Returns workflows in-app. They now match exactly what you can see in the Resolution Center on eBay. Check this out!

01 New Onboarding flow

Here at eDesk, we understand that connecting your first channel could be a bit overwhelming. That's why we totally revamped our onboarding process and how customers can get started with eDesk. They can now choose between connecting a channel with assisted chat support or scheduling a personalised demo! 

Features of the brand-new Onboarding workflow in eDesk

  • A short welcome video with our onboarding specialist Noor will show you all the options available for exploring eDesk.

  • A member of our dedicated onboarding Team will be available on the Live Chat.

  • You can choose between getting started right away or scheduling a demo.

... and so much more!

02 eBay Returns workflow

eBay returns are a really important part of eDesk and an important selling point. Indeed, consumers return on average between 5% and 15% of online orders.

eBay sellers can manage returns and refunds directly from eDesk but as it stands, we are very restricted by the eBay API and what is available there for us to use so there are not many significant changes that we can make.

Therefore, we are starting to implement some UI changes to see if we are utilizing as much as we can and also that we match up as best we can with eBay.

Features of the improved eBay Returns workflow in eDesk

  • You can accept or decline the buyer’s return request.

  • You can issue a full refund within your account.

  • You can easily issue return labels.

... and so much more!

To learn more about eBay returns in eDesk, click here.

03 New UI improvement

  • Open new tickets in a new tab
Based on your feedback received from our customers, we've now added the possibility to open tickets in new tabs. Simply right-click on the ticket in question and select Open in a new tab. This will make it easier than ever for you and your Team to deal with tickets fast and efficiently!

Got an idea?

As always, I’m very proud to showcase our team’s amazing work in this monthly product update! At eDesk, we work very hard to continuously release improvements and powerful features to help you deliver 5-star customer service! 

We really hope you’ll enjoy all the new features! If you have suggestions for future releases, send them here. Any feedback or questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!