Discover the brand-new Etsy integration, learn about the Order notes, Returns info and check out the many new improvements we made!

In our most recent eDesk update, we released our new integration with Etsy, the most popular marketplace for one-of-a-kind items! We also added the possibility to leave Notes and Returns info within eDesk tickets and orders. Last but not least, we released a number of UI improvements, making it easier than ever to use eDesk!

1. The Etsy Integration

Brand-new this month! Early November, we released the new Etsy integration with eDesk. 

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. 

Connecting your Etsy account will allow your messages, orders, and order information to flow directly into eDesk.

Features of the Etsy integration in eDesk

  • All your orders and messages from Etsy will be pulled directly into eDesk.

  • The customer’s Etsy order details will be displayed on the right-hand side of the tickets if they email in.

  • Various insights and data are available within eDesk to show you and your team’s activity on Etsy.

Important Note: due to limitations on Etsy's API, it's not yet possible to respond to your customers directly within eDesk but you will be able to click a link and respond directly within your Etsy account.

To learn more about the Etsy integration in eDesk, click here.

2. Order notes and Returns info

Returns is such a large part of the consumer journey as consumers return on average between 5% and 15% of online orders.

Here at eDesk, we identified that there’s little information provided by marketplaces & webstores in regards to returns. Therefore we decided to implement Order notes and Returns info as one of the first steps towards our goal of making eDesk a centralized support hub.

Take a look at the brand-new Order notes section in eDesk:
And the new Returns Info section:

Features of the Order Notes and Returns Info in eDesk

  • You can leave a note to add additional information on the order that will be visible to all your teammates when they consult it.

  • You can select the return dates, enter the reason of the return, the tracking number and upload/download your tracking labels.

  • These new features can be utilized by any user across any ticket or order.


To learn more about the Order notes and Returns infos in eDesk, click here.

3. New UI improvements

  • Instagram DMs

We've now updated our Instagram integration to support DM's (Direct Messages). To take advantage of this you'll need to re-connect Instagram to eDesk.

Got an idea?

As always, I’m very proud to showcase our team’s amazing work in this monthly product update! At eDesk, we work very hard to continuously release improvements and powerful features to help you deliver 5-star customer service! 

We really hope you’ll enjoy all the new features! If you have suggestions for future releases, send them here. Any feedback or questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!