Discover our brand-new offboarding flow and the simplified Mail Forwarding process!

This month on eDesk, we implemented a completely revamped offboarding flow to better understand the challenges faced by our users and help retain them by showcasing eDesk’s amazing value. We also released easier mail forwarding workflows in-app to make it easier than ever to connect your platforms. Check this out!

01 New Offboarding flow

Here at eDesk, we value our users and want to understand their journey as much as possible. That’s why it was a no-brainer to revamp our offboarding process next and improve our processes if customers choose to cancel their subscription. We wanted to ask the right questions at the right time so using this new offboarding flow will not only help us help our users by alleviating concerns, it will also assist them if they are facing a specific issue and improve eDesk going forward.  

Features of the brand-new offboarding workflow in eDesk

  • A new focused screen allows users to determine exactly which eDesk product(s) or add-ons they’re looking to cancel.

  • The possibility to contact your Account Manager for help or to discuss specific topics at any time during the process.

  • Lots of various possible new reasons for cancellation showing on-screen with a huge amount of help and educational resources to help users better understand eDesk and its value.

... and so much more!

To find out more about the new offboarding flow in eDesk, click here.

02 New Mail Forwarding process

When users connect a sales channel that doesn't include a messaging API, like Walmart, Etsy or BigCommerce for example… they will also need to connect an email address to their account. This will then allow eDesk to receive and send emails from their eDesk account to create a shared, centralized inbox for their customer support team and match their orders to emails.

Mail forwarding was previously very tedious but we reviewed all the process, ensuring users know exactly where to get started and all the steps to follow are perfectly explained on-screen!

Features of the improved Mail Forwarding process in eDesk

  • We now offer 4 perfectly distinct flows whether you choose to use Gmail, Yahoo Outlook or another provider.

  • You can save time and use Google Authorisation to directly connect through your Gmail account.

  • You have the possibility to use the same support email when setting up Mail Forwarding multiple times. To find out more, click here.

... and so much more!

To learn more about Mail Forwarding in eDesk, click here.

03 New UI improvement

  • CSAT as a condition in Message Rules

Based on your feedback received from our customers, we've added the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score as a condition to our Message Rules in eDesk.

To learn more about the power of automation through Message Rules, click here.

Got an idea?

As always, I’m very proud to showcase our team’s amazing work in this monthly product update! At eDesk, we work very hard to continuously release improvements and powerful features to help you deliver 5-star customer service! 

We really hope you’ll enjoy all the new features! If you have suggestions for future releases, send them here. Any feedback or questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!