This article will show you how to make it easy for your customers to contact you in a convenient, familiar way while browsing your Website. 

Creating a short link for your customers to open a conversation with you on WhatsApp

Firstly, you’ll need to create a short link for your customers to use. When your customers click on this link they can immediately start chatting with you.

To do this, you’ll need to have already signed up for a WhatsApp business account and have the app installed. Once you’ve done this you can follow the instructions in this official WhatsApp article.

Embedding your short link

Where you put this short link is completely up to you. An easy first step can be to post it on your social media pages, or in your eDesk chat widget (see below). If you have a customer support information page on your website or knowledge base, you can also post it there. 

Many businesses also embed it in the footer of their website. If you’re selling on Shopify this forum post can help implement this easily.

Embedding your short link in eDesk chat

Another great place to embed your short link is in your eDesk Chat widget. You can add your short link to the useful link field, and give it a title of 'Contact us on WhatsApp'. When your customers click it they'll then be able to start a WhatsApp conversation with you instantly. To find out more about eDesk chat and how to use, useful links click here

Managing your customer conversations

Once your customer starts chatting with you, their messages will flow into eDesk just like any other channel so you can start to help them straight away. All the tools that you’re used to using like SLAs, templates and rules will work with WhatsApp too. 

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