• eBay Returns Update [Estimated release: October - November 2021]

We're exploring how best to enable you to see the status of, and/or create, a return and we're also improving how we present embedded workflow/options for eBay within eDesk.

To learn more about this, click here.

  • Add & Show Order Notes [Estimated release: October - November 2021]

Sometimes you need to declare something important about this order. With Order Notes if you add a note to an order within eDesk it will appear on the Order Panel and any other tickets related to this order.

  • Wix Integration [Estimated release: October - November 2021]

You asked, we delivered! Very soon you'll be able to connect eDesk with Wix, the website building platform used by millions of people around the world!

  • Improvements to eDesk Voice [Estimated release: End of 2021 - Beginning of 2022]

eDesk's seamless Aircall integration helps you respond to voice calls, emails, chat and social queries all in one power-packed helpdesk!

Based on customer feedback we're making the following improvements:

  • Improving the app activation process

  • Embedding the Aircall app within eDesk

  • Improving notifications for new calls

  • Initiate a call from eDesk

  • Sync notes to/from Aircall

  • Sync tags to/from Aircall

  • Embed call recordings within the ticket

  • Improvements to the Contacts view

  • View (and respond to) Missed Calls (and listen to voicemail)

  • Wish Integration [Released]

eDesk will soon integrate with Wish, the leading mobile commerce platform in the United States and Europe. Connecting your Wish account will allow your messages, orders, and order information to flow directly into eDesk. 
To learn more about this new integration, click here.

  • Aircall [Released]

We’re super excited to announce our Aircall app is coming soon. You’ll be able to log call activity in eDesk and much more! 

  • Dark Mode [Released]

Introducing a dark theme in eDesk was the highest UI-related customer requested feature, we’re delighted to share with you that this new option is now available in your account.

Within your Profile preferences in eDesk, you will be able to choose between a Light or Dark theme for your account:
To learn more about this new feature in eDesk, click here.

We really hope you’ll enjoy all the new features! If you have suggestions for future releases, send them here.

Any feedback or questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!